Wednesday, 6 June 2007

30 (cum laude) reasons to love computergraphics!

Here we go!! "CG and multimedia" exam is achieved with the highest score!

I'll miss prof. Zuffi's lessons - and her as well, for she's a very nice person.

An interesting course; I learnt many things I always wanted to know and apply.

What else? One step toward graduation and taxes exemption obtained.

Shit, sometimes, does not happen!


Ale said...

Congrats :D I didn't know that exam was today!

What did she ask?

Unknown said...

thanks! I owe you at least 5 points!! :D

I was asked to explain lighting models, in particular Phong's one, blending in all situations (OpenGL, photo editing, file formats, and so on...), sampling theory, aliasing and Fourier transform.

You have to give this exam! I'm sure you'll get the same score!

Donna del Mare said...

she is very nice and handsome, isn't she?
You'll never change, my dear...