Monday, 26 May 2008


The end of the tunnel

My first enrolling at University has been in 1998; I was young, stupid and lazy.

Freshly out of secondary school, I was conviced that computer science was matter of... computers and programming, but nothing was more far from truth. Reality was so hard-shelled that I quit quite soon.

In 2004 I enrolled again. This time - I said to myself - I know what I have to face and the time I'm gonna need to spend on it.

After an year, I filed Calculus 2 away.

Only three (and a half) exams to go... I can see the light... I can breathe air... maybe I really can do it!

I'm beginning to believe. And this june, the 9th, let's face Physics*!

* again

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


And there I am, bouncing in the r>3 bifurcation.

Life is certainly a chaotic system, bound to your initial conditions and prone to sudden changes whose conseguences you can not predict.

I'm collecting resources, and I'll be forced to quit the aequilibrium condition choosing my path, my future, my work, my specific interests. Sometimes having many interests is a such a disadvantage.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Relax post-concerto. Banda Osiris + l'Orchestra Verdi = Diabolus in Musica!

Una piccola delegazione del coro Bicocca (Marco, Igor, Om e me) รจ stata invitata a corroborare una bizzarra revisione di "Stairway to Heaven"... ci siamo cappottati dalle risate!

Ciliegina sulla torta, l'organizzazione dell'evento ci ha gentilmente fornito uno dei camerini dell'Auditorium, proprio sopra quelli della Banda! Che dire, trattamento da superstar nonostante una performance un po' timorosa.

Ma stasera ci rifaremo!!