Friday, 23 July 2010

Milano-Bicocca improves its Webometrics ranking

Webometrics ranking of world universities shows information about world universities, ranked according to indicators measuring web presence, link visibility, size and number of documents available for download. Since 2004 this chart is done by the Spanish National Research Council, and gets updated every six months.

Milan-Bicocca's website has a strongly positive trend as we raised 325 positions since 2007; during the last year we jumped 19 positions.

Observing the data, one notes that we pay for the size of our site, intended as the "number of pages recovered on four different search engines". We have a lot of information spread on satellite website, like faculties. It's not clear, according to the methodological note, if those pages are counted or not.

Moreover, there's an important issue connected with our research institutions. Isidro Aguillo, editor of the ranking, writes: "the rankings of universities of Germany, France, Italy and Spain come later [than British and nordic ones], mostly due to the fact that research in this countries is developed by independent institutions (Max Planck, CNRS, CNR, CSIC)". Therefore, our ranking is strongly lowered by this kind of structure.

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