Monday, 5 November 2007

"Monkey" business

I watched and desired it for years, too expensive to justify a sudden purchase but way too cool to not remain a latent "monkey".

Once I found it on eBay at 60 euros -everything included- I did not resist.

What can I say: it's even more accurate than I expected. Well, you have to tweak yourself a bit (eg.: raise fingers after "pression", slow down typing rate, check light conditions), but anyway it works really good.

Programmin' with OpenLISP on my Qtek 9090 will be much funnier now!


AkiRoss' said...

Mhh, i guess that for just a keyboard its defects aren't acceptable.
I mean, raising fingers is not that immediate, slowing down writing too.

I think an old-fashion keyboard is still better, even if it's more voluminous :)

Aresio said...

yeah... but... too bad my PDA doesn't have a PS2 connector!! :D :D

Bones McCoy said...

me la devi troppo far provare