Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Microsoft programmers use to smoke toners

I bought a used notebook.

A notebook, because I don't intend to bring my desktop computer on live stage.
Used, because new ones don't have the IEEE 1284 port the glove requires.

So, it's a Mitac MiNote 8575. Not a huge PC, but more than enough for my requirements.

Yesterday night I tried to reinstall Windows XP professional SP1, in order to have the cleanest situation possibile. I failed 'cause installation hangs up. No explanation, just a BSOD.

SO, I tried to install Windows XP professional first edition. I failed again, installation hangs up because setup can't read CD. Ok, it always worked but... it's fine.

This morning I came into office an tried a new, immaculate Windows XP professional SP1 a CD. This time it seems to work: setup copied files required for installation (lol), restarts machine and... no way: can't find "onlygodknows.cab" file. Tried several times and finally surrendered.


Ok, let's try to connect a USB drive... read from this. Let's brows... hey, where the hell is the browse button? THERE ISN'T! Are you kidding?!?

Ok, fine, I suppose if it's trying to read it from D:\i386, maybe it could search it in E:\i386.
And it does.
For one second.

Here it comes "anotherdamnedfile.cab", that Windows' setup cannot find. You stupid setup, why don't you search it in the position I just suggested you?

I had to reply "E:\i386" hundred times to make it work. Stunning.

Don't know what kind of drugs Microsoft's programmers and betatesters use to smoke, but I suggest everybody to keep away from them.

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