Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mission accomplished

Rastrigin's benchmark function is far more photogenic than I am
I finally got my Master's Degree in computer science, by defending a strongly interdisciplinary thesis about GPGPU-powered parameter estimation in biochemical systems. The method I propose spins around my favourite bio-inspired optimization method – the Particle Swarm Optimization – whose fitness function relies on simulations produced by Gillespie's stochastic simulation algorithm. But that's just the surface: there's a lot of complex stuff "under the hood" and plenty of room for future developments.

It has been a very interesting experience, enlightening in many ways; the most important aspects came from a human standpoint: I met, and worked with, some wonderful people from whom I've learned a lot, people I'll never cease to admire and be grateful to.

It's kinda funny, anyway: I run away from chemistry at high school, and now I'm onto it again. Strange to see how different routes ultimately lead into the same place.


Jem7 said...

Evviva l'Aresio!! :D

Marco S. Nobile said...

grazie bello :D

{Jester} said...

* bow *