Wednesday, 2 February 2011

UNIMIB.IT on Webometrics: new strong performance

Webometrics publishes, in a biannual fashion, a ranking of universities' websites, produced by a formula that takes into account the size of the site, the number of downloadable documents, the visibility online and the number of google scholar entries. We still have a positive trend and during the latter half we went up 145 positions!

Milano-Bicocca's ranking during the years; the lower, the better

Once again Milano-Bicocca pays for the size of the site, intended as the "number of pages recovered on four different search engines". We have a lot of information spread in too many satellite websites, like faculties and departments.

A very positive score comes from Google Scholar indicator: Bicocca-related research documents have grown a lot during the latter years: in 2007 we were in 682th position, now we have reached the 277th. It's a very good result, probably due to the introduction of BOA service, despite the fact that Milano-Bicocca is one of the youngest universities.

Since this january, Milano-Bicocca is featured in the Top-500 ranking, placing in the 477th position and widening Italy's slice a little bit.

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