Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Summer and CG don't meet: my warfare computer resists a couple of minutes and then hangs up.

I'm working on my trusty notebook now, but the SiS graphics card is resulting a major pain in the ass:
  • warning: OpenGL VBOs not supported
  • warning: OpenGL shading language not supported
God! Any facility that should help me out to work on shadow mapping is not present on this machine. It's like programming in late 90s. By the way, it could tactical for me: willing or not I'm forced to develop an engine whose performances could be tweaked later, by using advanced functionalities.

There's, anyway, a couple (of thousands) of opened issues to fix before "popping champagne". For instance, why the hell reading depth buffer with glReadPixels() and putting it into the frame buffer (as luminance) using glDrawPixels() does not work? I'm surely missing something... but what?!

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