Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Natural language web searches, ProLog and my constant lateness

During the last three months I studied logical programming, focusing on ProLog, and thought that it could be interesting to use its powerful deductive capabilities to improve web searches, making them more logical and natural.

I googled a bit and discovered that, as always, there's someone who's developing in that direction: Powerlabs is a San Francisco company, working on a search engine based on natural language processing; they're trying to push web searches further the "simple" matching of keywords.

Actually, I don't have any idea of the languages and algorythms they're using (I just read they're seeking RoR programmers for the front-end... GOOD!), but the idea is quite similar. Are they gonna be next Google?


AkiRoss' said...

I guess google's already moving toward that direction. They're bright, I bet they're developing system to improve searches by natural language selection.

Anyway, google, similarly to wikipedia, aims to organize the internet knowledge.
I think that even if they aren't developing such technologies, they will implement them (or buy them) to improve the user experience.

AkiRoss' said...


Katie said...

You should sign up for Powerlabs and see a sneak peek of our natural language technology.

-Katie Conry
Powerset Anaylst

Aresio said...

I'm playing with powermouse and.. I like it very much! it's *exactly* what I had in mind.

It works well! Maybe the knowledge base is a little short, but it's stunning anyway!

@Akiross: I suppose you're right. I think powerset is going to be a killer application and Google will.. "eat" it.

Nova said...

Anche noi cerchiamo qualcuno, perĂ² devi essere bravo! ;-)