Thursday, 31 May 2007

Studio power gloving!

This is a short footage of my band Simmetry jamming on a space-rock theme, letting me improvise with the power glove!

It's our first attempt in composing something around the new instrument; not so simple to handle, difficult to keep in tune and complex to use due to the slight delay.

Maybe some further effect will give him an additional gear. Cool and scenographic, anyway!


Dave said...

Figata, sia il brano che il powerglove!

Aresio said...

grazie Dave! :D

Anonymous said...

siete dei nerd!

Anonymous said...

Sei il re dei nerd.
Carino il powerglove comunque

Aresio said...

yeah! nerd-pride! ahah :D

Anonymous said...

ahahah, ma tu sei fuori!

un salutone dal Coffe.

Aresio said...

minchia il Coffe!! grande! ciao bello! :D

Icegun said...

Tu sei completamente fuori ed è questo che fa di te un fottutissimo genio ;)

eda said...