Saturday, 19 May 2007

Balls keep on spinning

One preliminar shot from my Multimedia final project: the solar system, rendered with OpenGL.

What's done so far:
  • The abstract solar system is modeled: distances are proportional, dimensions are proportional (but the Sun), speeds (rotation and revolution) are correct;
  • everything is parametric, so it can be altered realtime;
  • Moon actually rotates around Earth and every planet spins on his axis, also the moon itself (showing the same face to the Earth!);
  • every planet has its own satellites, the real number, correctly distanced each other. Discovered yesterday night that Jupiter has 63 satellites!! Oo"
  • Saturn and Uranus now feature their rings; I used a transparent toroid to represent them, gotta place some serious texture;
  • stars on the background and debries around the system are implemented, for enhanced flight experience ;D
  • the camera follows an arbitrary planet, and it is highlighted with a nice green cube.

The todo list:
  • depict asteroids belt between Mars and Jupiter;
  • fix the eccentric revolution of Pluto;
  • place clouds layer around Earth, and possibly to bump-map the Moon;
  • insert Simmetry's song "R.O.D.O.L.F.O." as musical commentary;

Open issues:
  • learn how to apply a spherical texture without always showing the same face to the camera;
  • learn how to specify the extension of the texture over a simple glutSolidSphere;

I have one week to achieve this results. Surely I won't, but who knows.

Probably I'll have to stress someone, starting from Alessandro Re (that I thank for the suggestion on the project and the patience in answering me every time :D)!


AkiRoss' said...

Gosh, you were right! I don't know where is the post i wrote, but not here for sure :P Sorry

As you already know - relatively to mapping a sphere - the only way I found (and i guess it's right) is to apply it locally to the object.

I guess (and hope) that in your code is just some wrong setting... Now I'm doing a test, if it works, I'll send it to you. ;) Cia'

AkiRoss' said...

Are you using glutSolidSphere, aren't you?

Read what I just found on (free)glut API reference :'D

15. Geometric Object Rendering Functions
[cut] The functions generate normals appropriate for lighting but, except for the teapon functions, do not generate texture coordinates.

AHAHA so, 2 things :D
1. You must write your sphere drawing function and use it with your coordinates
2. I just spent all the evening trying to understand how to use planes for generation... and it was wrong anyway :'D

Enjoy :)

Aresio said...

holy shit..

eda said...