Saturday, 3 February 2007

The end of the tunnel

Only four lessons more to go: cybernetics lessons are almost over. After that, I'll have a couple of weeks or relax, which I'm gonna spend powergloving!

If I'd pass the exam, obviously. But I HAVE to.

In the meanwhile, between a Jacobi and a Gauß-Seidel, I found a way to learn OpenGL applying cellular automata! These are the results: first "demo"! I always idolatred the demoscene and their works, I consider them true genious and real Artists. Naturally, I'm very far from them. This is kinda tribute.

Some demos/intros are pure mathematical poetry, absolutely brilliant and one of the few demonstrations of real powers of a modern computer. Nowadays none optimizes, studies in depth processors and spends his time squeezing any cycle from a CPU: that magic is gone.

I miss it very much.


donnadelmare said...

Ehy Tore...
Prima di pubblicare, chiama la tua correttrice di bozze preferita...

Aresio said...

come farei senza la mia secchiona preferita :D

Donna del Mare said...

eh prima cosa,seconda cosa, se non parli con me di filosofia e linguaggi,con chi lo fai?

dillo,che sono la meno figa delle tue tipe (scopatore folle) ma almeno la piu intelligente e intellegibile dai :D