Wednesday, 4 October 2006

I need more time!

I always considered time as the nearest asymptote to divinity. It features every typical God's peculiarity: has ever existed, it can't be handled and modifies reality in any moment.

And, like every God, it runs against me.

I need more time.

One week is not sufficient. One day is definitively NOT sufficient!

To work, to study, to play, to live.. I need an extra day every week! Maybe I can call it gloveday.

Sunday Monday, happy days
Tuesday wednesday, happy days
Thursday Friday, happy days
Gloveday comes, computer runs, I'm ready to program you!

This week, I started lessons of Cybernetics at University. The matter is truly amazing but very difficult. I'm going to sacrifice additional time to God, three days every week. I will need extra time to study it and to give the damned, years pending calculus exam.

In the meanwhile, my band is starting recording sessions and we're gonna play live in November. I wanted to finish the Powerglove project in time for the next live event, but God doesn't wanna allow it.

Maybe I should kill some lamb?


d said...

whata a funny thing is powerglove. However, are u still my boyfriend or u left me to go with the glove? :D
I foun it nice, now it sounds good.. but.. qhat about the UranDay?;)

Marco S. Nobile said...

Uranday is still under development :D

It's gonna be the first thing I will impose when I'll be emperor of the world!

donnadelmare said...

Emperor of the world? Must be the emperor of the bedroom;)
-or the conqueror,indeed.
It would be nice to see u again washing dishes and bathroom;)

Marco S. Nobile said...

no time -> no dishes!

maybe kisses... between one line of code and the other! :p

donnadelmare said...

chose: me or the code;)