Thursday, 14 September 2006

A little step behind

For anyone interested into Powerglove hacking, here follow the hardware modifications required.

The idea is to modify the 7-poles connector of the glove to became a standard parallel interface.
You can achieve this by soldering the wires as described in the scheme on the right. As you can see, the glove's circuitry requires an external +5V alimentation that is NOT provided by the parallel port.

You can obtain it from the PS2 keyboard connector, or from the floppy drive power chord. The glove I bought on eBay was previously modified for PC use, so I restored the connections. The original owner did the soldering directly on the board of the glove itself, using the parallel port cables to bring the +5V directly on the circuit. Check out the picture!

On the other side, I soldered the three wires at the port as described, and the fourth to the +5V power supply.

That's it! Ready to rumble!!

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